The Power of a Single Letter

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I was reading Psalm 71 this morning and, in my morning grogginess, I mis-read verse 5, so I thought it said “For you have seen my hope, O Sovereign Lord…”

I’d swapped the word ‘been’ for seen. Which changes the verse quite a lot!

But then I thought about how, actually, God has SEEN my hope. And, yet, He still has confidence in me to me – to use for even me for His purposes. He has seen, and sees, what I often can not!

So how can God have seen my hope, and yet still believe in me?

It occurred to me that I have Christ in me; “God has been my hope” (what I should have seen written) took on a whole new meaning.

If God sees the Christ in me, It makes sense that God would have confidence in me, because He is having confidence in His own son and in Himself.

Which means I shouldn’t doubt what I can do, with God beside me, around me, behind and within me – when I’m walking the very path that God has for me, and when I’m doing the things God has asked me to do.

We’re made on purpose and deliberately, and when we accept Christ into our lives, God can see the Christ within us – better than we can.

Let’s choose, daily, to be that light of Christ: God can see that light in us…but let’s make sure everybody else can see the light of Christ in us too…face masks and all – so that people can see us and truly say “In you I have seen the hope of the Sovereign Lord”.

What’s getting in the way of our light shining this day – of the light of Christ shining from within us?

Andy B

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Written by Andy B

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