This too shall pass…have hope dear friends

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Andy B, very tired
Andy B, very tired

This too shall pass…have hope!

When I feel tired, I remember how I felt in this photo.

This was taken during the first weeks of married life to my beautiful bride, and the end of my 5th day working 15 hours each day in a factory surrounded by molten plastic, with a 90 minute [hard] bicycle ride, each way.

That is the look of a tired man….driving a 32 tonne tipper truck, many years later, comes a close second 😉

Well that or drilling through 25 year old domestic waste in a Scottish landfill (my first job after leaving school before joining the PAIS Project for a year up in Manchester)…that drilling involved 10 day weeks, 2 day weekends, and banging the life out of a small slit that ran along a very tall cylinder that contained extremely compacted waste – my weapon was a 6 foot heavy duty crow bar……for 12-14 hours a day (depending on how many breakdowns we had lol)

Covid is tiring.

Churches closed is tiring.

But this too shall pass.

24 years later (9th November 2020) we’ve had plenty of times where it seemed we were battling against life or God, or maybe even both.

But God’s care for us never grew more or less – it was always more than we could earn or deserved, and has been the one constant in our life making a family.

Take heart, dear friends.

God is still good!

There is still much to be hopeful for!

There is still much to be thankful for!

Andy B

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