Three small letters, choices, and Jesus!

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“Do not be anxious………….”

That moment when you question what you just did was one I had today; one of those oops moments which makes you want to scream out loud as sweat pours from your brow and you feel yourself tensing up.

I see myself as fairly ok with technology. After all, as a family, we produce regular, weekly and seasonal broadcasts which we create, edit, film and publish all by ourselves. I’m not a computer genius…just somebody who has learned to utilise technology for a wide array of projects.

I’ve built and managed websites for a business we ran, and have been paid to do so by others; I’ve managed social media accounts and campaigns for charities in different cities and created interactive newsletters for professionals; I’ve upgraded hardware in the computers we use – since we can’t afford to buy brand new, this is just something you learn to do.

So I don’t see myself as somebody who panics when a computer won’t turn on.

God isn’t in a hurry. So, neither should we be!

question mark

I noticed, two days ago, that the domain name of the BerryBunch wasn’t quite right.

We own the domain name and use it for our website. But, I noticed that whenever I viewed the website, it was always missing those three letters at the start – www – and this bugged me quite a bit.

I discovered that when we switched to hosting the WordPress website we use, ourselves, those three letters had been removed by somebody at some point.

No problem – a quick search online, and I found how to put them back. You don’t necessarily need those three letters for your website to function – ours worked just fine without them. But…

Let’s let the Holy Spirit guide us to change the things in our life that God sees as most needing to change.

So I carefully re-added the www. as per the online instructions I’d found – and that was when the scream out loud moment came, as the website disappeared and I couldn’t find it – just a blank screen.

After another helpful online search, and having learned not to panic in previous situations with computers, I contacted our hosting company and, with a little comfort from them, discovered the problem.

I won’t bore you with what had happened. But I moved from a state of concern to a state of elation…in about 5 minutes. Actually, there was no problem…just a delay! I wasn’t being impatient either – it shouldn’t have worked like that, but it just did.

The important thing here is that the choice I made to switch to using the proper domain name –, and simply adding those three littles letters at the start – took a while to filter through, or to propagate the internet.

After 10 minutes everything was working as it did before, but a little better ‘cos my domain actually was now, comfortingly, complete.

My choice didn’t lead to an immediate change! It was pretty quick – but it still took a while.

Good friends are precious

I had a wonderful video chat with a fantastic friend of mine over in Nigeria. We were talking about transformation and how, when you decide to follow Jesus Christ, you may have an encounter or an experience. But how that encounter wasn’t enough on it’s own. It needs to lead to something more, that changes the very essence of who we are as we spiritually take on more of the DNA of Jesus Christ.

It can be wonderful to feel the warmth of God cuddling us in our distress. But that needs to lead to change, otherwise it is nothing more than a feeling.

Feelings are great but they shouldn’t be trusted on their own!

Because feelings change, often suddenly and dramatically, and they can lead us down paths we shouldn’t travel – because our feelings lie to us.

Ever felt hungry straight after a 3 course meal when you spot the dessert trolley? Yep, that’s your feelings lying to you! You aren’t hungry – just wanting something that looks good.

So when things don’t go well, let’s pause and pray, first!

But, when we make a choice to change something, let’s not expect ourselves to be at the finishing line of the marathon just as the starter’s pistol is fired. We have to journey there, and there can be ups and downs along the way. Check our latest Episode of Endurance on exactly this point!

When we turn to follow Jesus, and be a disciple of His, we should expect some quick changes to happen, but some things will take longer. Let’s let the Holy Spirit guide us to change the things in our life that God sees as most needing to change.

God isn’t in a hurry.

So, neither should we!

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