Tired, Sleepy and Refreshed

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I usually do an Andy B 2 minute video, most days. They are my way of making sense of some of the things I’ve seen or faced.

And they can range from something as simple as my Andy B 2 Minute Video, Rice Maker Handle – and what that can teach us about our relationship with God, to something a little more biblically inspired, like my Andy B 2 minute Video, Roundabouts, Judging and Waiting, S3, E23, which was an incident that happened out on the road, and what we can all learn from that!

Every day things happen that shape us!

Sometimes those ‘things’ might nudge us a little in a direction we may have wanted to go. Sometimes, they can define us. But I love sharing these stories, and I also love sharing what other friends are doing for God’s Kingdom.

One of those friends is a man called Karl. You can find out more about him at his website – www.karlgessler.com/ and their podcast – www.karlgessler.com/thegospelforplaneteartpodcast

I was unable to sleep a few nights ago, and I’d seen that he was putting out a new podcast. He loves Jesus and serves, wonderfully, with His family. But he has a really great voice too, so his podcast kept me company when sleep simply evaded me!

Now I’ve never met Karl in person, and we haven’t spoken much – and only then via typed text, but he is a brother in Christ, and his family love and serve Jesus…which is enough for me to call him my friend! Perhaps seeing him and his family, and hearing him in videos, helps with this?!?

Anyway, we had a disturbed day off yesterday, and a ruined evening last night – due to some regular anti-social behaviour – so we’ve started our week off feeling tired and fed up. Not great, but we have a long weekend coming up soon, with a couple of birthdays to celebrate, so we’re looking forward to that!

So my latest Andy B 2 Minute Video today is being postponed until tomorrow as I play catch up today, and because I really wanted to urge you check out Karl and family’s podcast, because it is reaching a much needed shortfall in our modern world – that of the father.

So, go check out the podcast – The Faith of the Fathers! (Their podcast used to be called “The Gospel for Planet Earth”).

It’s more than worth your time!

Andy B

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