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We’ve had a good four days of downtime, and are grateful for the extra two days gifted to us by the Queen to mark her Jubilee Celebrations. They were most welcome indeed, and rather well timed for us!

We’re going to be doing some fairly extensive maintenance to our website in the next week, so the website will be going offline for, God willing, just 4 and 1/2 days. The end result should be great though!

In the meantime, you’ll still be able to watch all of our videos on our Vimeo or YouTube pages. Facebook and Instagram have our videos too, as well as extra posts, and photos. You could come join the revolution over on DingDash – Social Media as it should be! Additionally, you can find us on Twitter and Tumblr too – plenty of ways to ensure you don’t miss the Berry Bunch too much 😜

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Our plan is to have the website back online at 12pm on Friday 10th June 2022 (UK time) with a very fresh new look to our site, which we think you’ll love: it will much better serve what we do with the various Ministries we currently produce, and make using and finding anything much more straightforward. It’ll be a big change, but a worthwhile one!

Andy and Jo and Steven and Nathan and Peter.

PS Prayers for Nathan and Andy B would be welcome as they undertake this rather large, and possibly somewhat daunting, work!

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