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Due to the absurd new studio that we have been forced to use to post material (posts, images, videos), we will no longer be posting any new content to our Instagram accounts. It may well be that we abandon Facebook soon enough – we will wait and see.

Sadly, they took away our control to edit our own, existing posts or edit our own scheduled posts – these are things we can not accept or tolerate as we will always ensure we control our own material.

It was stated that we could switch back to the previous editor. This, however, is not true – we tried, multiple times.

You may see a few more posts appearing on Instagram which we have not bee able to delete (this is exactly what upset us as they took away the option to delete/edit scheduled posts).

Perhaps, in the future, they will see fit to allow creators to control their own content. Until then, we will be sticking with our other social media accounts.


Andy B and the BerryBunch

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Written by Andy B


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  1. davidsdailydose

    15/09/2022 at 22:17

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that users of sites like Instagram. and Facebook are not the real customers. The real customers are the advertisers who pay for peoples eyeballs to see their product. As I recall, this is one reason you dropped YouTube and subscribed to Vemio.

    • The BerryBunch

      15/09/2022 at 22:23

      The YouTube thing was because we couldn’t control possible adverts – and that didn’t feel right to us. We have full control over the videos now in our website…well nearly all – we’re still switching some over.

      As for FB and Instagram, I totally agree with you.

      I’m sure the average user won’t be bothered. But we were using a creator’s account, so we could schedule posts and so on. It gave us more flexibility to create material.

      The whole thing is certainly set up for paying for advertising…finding anything else was pretty complex

      Thanks David

      Andy B

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