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I wonder how many of you started just singing just now from the Cliff Richard film made, well, quite a few decades ago now – Summer Holiday. In the film, Cliff and his friends take a double decker bus from London Transport and drive on a holiday together.

Well we’ll be doing exactly the same thing. Well, nearly anyway…

Except for the bus.

And the hitchhikers.

And the media frenzy.

And driving to another part of Europe.

Anyway, we will be on holiday, enjoying this new location we love to call home – on some miracle bikes that suddenly became a reality for our older two boys so we can cycle together as a family, once more – which we haven’t been able to do for more than a year!! We’ll add that on to #TestimonyTuesday soon! (the back story to that one is really quite something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

We’ve worked super hard of late so all the usual videos will be going out, as they usually do. We’d love to carry on reading your comments, but won’t be replying for a little while we enjoy some much valued Rest and Recreation. Right now, though, we’ll leave the 44 posts we currently have scheduled to do their thing and go chill as a family for a bit.

So, this means you can expect the following:

So please don’t be too upset if we don’t respond right away – we will as soon as we’ve packed away the bikes, and put our summer hats back on their pegs.

Ok, we don’t have summer hats either, but you get the picture.

Andy, Jo, Steven, Nathan and Peter – we are the BerryBunch and this is what we do!

bicycles on the beach

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