What dreams does God want you to be working on?

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Busy, busy

I’ve spent a chunk of today creating some graphics and a draft advert for a new project we’ll be launching, God willing, this coming Autumn.


While I’ve got plenty to do preparing for our next, and coming very soon, seasons of Endurance and Little Blessings Online, I also sometimes need to switch to something different.

Dreams are for the future!

Today, that meant working on our new project, which is super exciting – a little taster can be found in the image below, but no spoilers just yet. We’re super excited about it though!!

So what dreams do you have, that you know God wants you to be working on?

We’ve had dreams. And those dreams have sometimes gone nowhere; led to other, much better, realisations of those early dreams; have been lived out only to come to a sudden end!

One of Steven’s #SpeakTruths says this better than me:

Jesus asked you to surrender your dreams to him. He never asked you to stop dreaming. #speaktruth
Jesus asked you to surrender your dreams to him. He never asked you to stop dreaming. #speaktruth

When dreams don’t work out, let’s not give up on dreaming.

Instead, let’s take the opportunity to learn what we can, let God brush the dust from us and tend to our bruised ego, and set us back on the path He has already laid out before us.

We’re each made in the image of God, so there’s something of God in all of us. Which means when we can get creative with the best designer the world has ever known – if God can hand make us, then He’s already got a good eye for detail.

So what dreams is God laying on your heart?

Andy B

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  1. Alan Kearns

    08/05/2021 at 20:52

    My dream, which I believe is in His will, is to publish a book of devotions at some point in the not too distant future.
    God bless the Berry family, have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

  2. BerryBunch.family

    10/05/2021 at 13:30

    Hey Alan,

    What a fantastic dream to have! We have a similar dream: a devotional for families, which we’re very slowly working on.

    In the Lords timing and if it His will!

    Andy B

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