What is it you do exactly?

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Watching – Reading – Listening.

As a family, what we do has changed over the past couple of years since starting the BerryBunch. I thought it might be helpful for some of those who follow what we do to explain a little more about why we do what we do, and what that actually is and how it works and benefits you – the reader!

I’ve split this post into two sections. A schedule of our regular output and then some of our story, and a catch up on what God has been doing through us, and in us. So grab yourself a seat, your favourite drink, and maybe a biscuit or seven (is that just me?) ‘cos this is good stuff and I don’t want to ruin by abbreviating it as I go.

It speaks of God’s provision and faithfulness to us, and all of that despite of us (or perhaps simply because of us)!

Better still, sign up to the Berry Bytes newsletter and we’ll send you a weekly catch up on a Friday evening of all we’ve done in the past week, with links to our latest Blog Posts and Videos for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Article Index

1.   “Our Weekly Schedule” – our regular output

2.   “So what is it you do again?” – an overview of what we create

3.   “So, seriously, what is it you do?” – a better perspective of why we do what we do

4.   “Where does Reading, Watching, Listening come into it all?” – how we fit everything together

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Our weekly schedule

If you want a schedule of our regular output here it is. (Times are for the UK – where we live).

6pm, Andy B 2 Minute Video
7.30pm Planning for the Ministry

8am – #Testimony Tuesday
6pm, Andy B 2 Minute Video
7.30pm Prayer for the Ministry

5pm, 60 Seconds Catch Up Video
6pm, Andy B 2 Minute Video
6pm, Berry Bytes, Newsletter

4pm – Marriage Matters Podcast

Seasonal Events
Easter Specials and Christmas specials: online Christingle; Crafty Christmas events
31st October Online Light Party

Editing all of those videos takes around 3 days each week to complete, including creating and editing transcripts, uploading videos to various sites and scheduling it all to appear on our Website and Social Media. Plus, I also spend several hours every week fixing, repairing or improving something on the website! And my favourite part of every week is chatting with people just like you!

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So, what is it you do again?

This is best summed up in our Vision Statement which you can read on our website. A shorter tag line sums it up even better:

Fire up your faith with the Berry Bunch:
for free, for all.

The Berry Bunch is us. We are a family, and our surname is Berry. We are a ‘bunch’ of people who love Jesus and want to encourage other people either to love Jesus more, or fall in love with Him for the first time. Discipleship is the heart behind all we do!!

So, seriously, what is it you actually do?

We provide resources – mostly videos – that are freely available for anybody to use, stream, share or download. Making it free is important for us. We tried to work that way in the real world of full-time ministry, and we seek to operate exactly the same way in the virtual world of ministry.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a backhanded way of us asking for money – that simply isn’t how we work, not ever! Although, if you do feel led to donate to our Ministry in order to help us keep doing all we do – and help us keep it free for everybody that needs it – we’d be very grateful. You can do so monthly on Patreon, or as the moment leads you via Paypal.

We pay for the ability to publish our podcasts; we pay to have a website free of adverts; we pay for our website name; we pay for all the recording equipment we need from a green screen to lighting, to computer peripherals, to various stands in our home studio and more. This is all part of our own offering to God, and is worth every penny we’re able to invest into this area of Online Ministry. And we do all we do by faith. There’s no manual for how to do anything we do, so we glean what we can, use the many experiences we’ve picked up along the way, and speak confidently into the rest with faith and hope – and plenty of it!!

Jo works full-time and I’m part stay-at-home-dad, part home educating lead to our 3 fantastic godly sons and I’m part cyborg, or at least it sometimes feels that way as I spend many happy hours hooked up to a computer.

We’re so very blessed that God has given us the ability to live in a larger home that enables us to have a room set aside as a home recording studio, editing desk and home education room. The study we’ve also been blessed with doubles as a writing room for me for posts and books. I’ve just published my first book – Broken Dreams, and Hope! and have another book due out in May 2022, with another one a few months behind that, God willing!

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So, seriously, what is it you do?

We use the free time we have available in this life to reach out to people online, and provide bible based, family friendly, child safe resources.

The one thing we, each one of us, has any actual control over is what to do with the time we have available.

We love the model of the family that God established back when He first made Adam, and then brought Eve along to help Adam do what God was asking of Him.

We love supporting families in any way we can, and we can do that best using the opportunities God has given this Berry Bunch family, whether a family means a single father and his two children; a grandmother caring for the children of her deceased daughter or a mum and dad who both work and do the best they can under trying times, or a husband and wife who have not been blessed with children of their own.

The following is also a list of our current, Live, projects.

testimony Tuesday image

#TestimonyTuesday was led by a suggestion from Nicola on her blog EagleSight. What better tool do any of us have other than sharing what God has, and is doing, in our own lives? Speaking it out, now, it seems like such an obvious thing that we should have been doing already on a regular basis, so we’re grateful for Nicola’s suggestion to other bloggers to do just that!

Little Blessings Online, Season 5, Episode 4, Friends in the Fire

Little Blessings Online is something we truly love to put together. It enables us to get our creative groove on and create all sorts of resource videos from Art Time to Story Time to Song Time..

Andy B 2 Minute Video, Rice Maker Handle

Andy B 2 Minute Videos speaks of his brain’s ability to crowbar together things that don’t usually belong together. Many years working with children in churches, delivering assemblies to thousands of children and leading All Age Services that successfully reached, and blessed, people from toddlers to those at 97 years young (so far!) and everyone in between.

Daily Family Prayers, S1, E4

Family Prayer Time is mostly driven by Peter who loves to pray, and wants to help the Berry Bunch any which way he can! He prays for us, and he prays for people, and he prays for countries, and so we seek to capture some of his passion to pray for others – in the hope it will encourage others to pray more: as a family; on your own; with your children or with your parents.

Endurance came from a previous project we started 6 months in to our BerryBunch Ministry. Endurance is a great opportunity to tie in both exercise and faith – two things that our older sons especially enjoy.

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So, what is it that we do exactly?

Over time the way we sought to make all our resource available got increasingly complicated as the volume, and scale, of our resource bank grew, until the point where even myself and Jo were struggling to find things on our own website – and we knew what we were looking for, and where they were supposed to be! We spent several hours brainstorming how best to arrange it all and hope this now makes it easier for everybody, including ourselves! At the time of writing it is nearly 450 videos and nearly 850 posts that we had to wrangle.

You can find everything from songs suitable for your church toddler group to podcasts for marriage; Teaching Videos and Skits and Dramas; complete, online, Toddler Groups and Art Videos; Bible Stories with Dave the Dog and Scripture Readings, Gospel Messages, Memory Verses to name just a few, with so much more besides. And they’re all freely available to use just as they are!

We’ve just installed a new search button and capability which should work much better to help you locate resources and posts and videos (we hope!!).

We’ve recently launched Berry Bytes – a catch up newsletter, that lists what we’ve published, and created, in the previous 7 days.

We’ve also [re]-launched Bigger Berry Bytes. Ok, it’s really just our previous, monthly, newsletter, but with a new name, which we think is rather clever 😊 .

The heart of all we do is providing that resource bank of material for children’s workers, churches, families and anybody else that wants some inspiration or encouragement – or even just a video resource they can download and use to fil a gap in something they’re involved with.

With that in mind, having made it this far, could you share what we do with the people in your church who work with children?

You can Watch what we do. You can Read what we do. You can Listen to what we do.

It’s all free to view and use in full.

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So, really, what an earth is it you do? Can’t you sum it up a little better?

Watching, Reading, Listening.

If it doesn’t fall under one of these categories, and if it isn’t family safe or rooted in the bible, we don’t do it. If it doesn’t build up and fire up the faith of people, it isn’t something we’ll be involved in. Simples!

We were asked to design a logo for a Christian blogger – so we did. We do that too, when it fits our vision of firing up the faith of people.

Got any questions for us about what we do, or why we do it? Then get in touch!

Andy B

PS I’m off for a refill of Earl Grey Tea!!

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