Why we do what we do (it’s kind of an update)

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We’ve been working on what we stand for; who we are; what we do and why we do it.

We started, two years ago (2020), simply wanting to create an online, digital, resource – where material we had been creating and using in full-time children’s ministry, could be used to inspire others, or to simply resources others. It was meant to become something of a digital filing cabinet.

And we’ve done that!

At the time of writing these words, we have nearly 450 videos on our YouTube channel. These have been viewed many thousands of times, and many hundreds of minutes of being viewed. Which is a bit humbling!

It’s our own handiwork, and it’s there for you to be inspired by – so do share it with any children’s workers. All videos can be used as they are, or just for inspiration. You can find the same videos on Facebook and also Instagram.

We also wanted to keep everything free.

So, there are no hidden tricks to get you into paying for stuff. You won’t suddenly find your ability to access our website limited just because you’ve looked at too many videos. We always avoid websites that work that way ourselves, so we don’t work that way ourselves: “for free, for all” is what we say and mean!

So, everything we do is free: we pay for the web hosting, and everything else that goes with what we do, by ourselves. If you’re liking what we do, or are simply using it for inspiration, then you’re very welcome to support us via Patreon, and help us keep everything free! It’s all for God, but help is always very welcome. At the moment we have just one Patreon option – £5/month – which you can stop and start as you wish.

We realised that what we do is really ministry, but online.

This helped us focus evermore – on what we know God started, as an idea in the garden at a house, so many months ago. Although I’m both pleased, and surprised, that our most viewed video is Jo singing a toddler favourite – The Animals went in 2 by 2

So, if you’re wondering what we’re really about, here’s our first, proper, Vision.

BerryBunch family vision, 2022, static image

Thanks for journeying with us so far.

We’ve got plenty more planned, with recordings all the time serving everybody from 0 to 100.

We’ve got some brand new projects, one of which starts in April, although you won’t see us talk much about it, as we’ll be directly supporting children and families in Nigeria! Do pray that the internet behaves itself!!

Andy B is waiting to publish a book, has another book that is nearly ready for publication, and Jo has made a start on her own book. We also have a another book in the pipeline, which is mostly written, but needs lots of editing!

If you want to keep up to date with all we do, then sign up to the Newsletter, which we send out once a month. And we’ll be starting up a weekly, super short catch up mini-newsletter each week too.

Andy B and the BerryBunch.family

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