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This is who we are!
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Listen To Us Online
John 15 v 5: I am the vine; you are the branches.
Andy B 2 Minute Video, Equal Tension and No Wrinkles, S4, E11
How is the framework of your life and world holding together? Are you leaning to one side, under pressure, distorted by the tensions of life, that you feel pulling you in every, which, way? We’ve had something of a refresh to our recording studio, here …
Art Time, Making, Toilet Roll Vegetables
For art time, JoJo shows us how to make vegetables out of toilet rolls this time! – Not just one vegetable, not just one sort of vegetable, but a whole range – carrots, broccoli, corn on the cob and leeks – a basketful of goodness!
Little Blessings Online, Season 5 Episode 2, Daniel, vegetables rock!
In Season 5, Episode 2, of Little Blessings Online, JoJo and Andy B talk about vegetables, join them in seeing how many vegetables you can name in 10 seconds and ……go! They say, ‘You are what you eat’ and vegetables are, of course, good for …
#GoDeeper with Andy B: Spiritual Food
Go Deeper with Andy B, as he talks about spiritual food. He reads a few different Scriptures, including Hebrews 5:11-14, all of which speak of food and sustenance in one way or another. He talks about the way water travels in a flood, how it …
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